Meet Doug Radkey

My passion for the hospitality industry first started at the age of fourteen, working as a dishwasher in a small independent restaurant. Since that time, a lot has happened!
To me, becoming a leader in this industry has not only been ‘a job’, it has also become a lifestyle which brings along new opportunities and challenges, every single day.
What do I bring to the table?
  • Over 20 Years of High Level Hospitality Experience Plus Being the President of KRG Hospitality Inc - An Independent Consultant Agency Operating Since 2009
  • The Development of  Numerous Successful Restaurant, Bar, & Hospitality Properties Throughout Canada, the USA, and Abroad
  • Management of 8 Regional Offices - Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Nashville, Orlando, Philadelphia, and Eastern Caribbean
  • Certification to Teach 'Hospitality Management' at the Post Secondary Level from AHLEI
  • Author of 'Bar Hacks' And Writer for Industry Leading Publications Such As FoodableTV, Bar Biz Magazine, Nightclub & Bar, The Canadian Restaurant & Foodservice Magazine, Typsy, and More!
  • Speaker at Industry Leading Events Such as The Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas, the Restaurant & Lodging Show in NYC, LA, and Orlando, and the Canadian Restaurant & Bar Show in Toronto

About KRG Hospitality Inc.


With well over 100 plans written. This is the first phase to your long-term success. A three step process (Feasibility Study + Concept Development + Business Plan) will develop five unique characteristics for your hospitality brand; scalability, profitability, uniqueness, consistency, and sustainability.


The second phase to your long-term success. An in-depth list of solutions that will assist you from choice of location to brand development, floor layouts, menu development, service sequences, project management, system development, team development, marketing plans, and much more!


The third phase to your long-term success. After grand opening, ongoing support is critical to ensure all systems are operating correctly for the first 12+ months including financial reports, culture management, marketing campaigns, and customer emotion management. Your dedicated advisor is just a call away!

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About Bar Hacks

Live Workshops

Bring a customized Bar Hacks workshop to YOUR bar; for you and your team. This full day workshop will get everyone on board and drive immediate results!

Bar Hacks Book

NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon – Bar Hacks – Available in both softcover & Kindle format. Developing the fundamentals of an epic bar – Get your copy today!

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Public Speaking

Epic Beverage Program

What drives on-premise sales & experiences? This 1 hour seminar is packed full of strategies to develop a winning beer, wine, and cocktail program!

Off-Premise & On-Premise

How can your restaurant or hospitality business balance on-premise and off-premise sales as we live & work in a digital, convenience driven world?

Preparing for Growth

How can a concept prepare for growth? Learn the systems needed to develop a scalable, profitable, memorable, sustainable, and consistent property.

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Doug Radkey is a frequent speaker, panelist, and instructor within the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry. In addition to the above three 2020 topics, is the Bar Hacks workshop that is available to all bars, pubs, lounges, nighclubs, and restaurants.

Doug is available for break-out sessions, panels, and workshops for industry driven events, trade-shows, schools, and of course restaurants, bars, hotels and other hospitality related properties. Lastly, if you’re looking for a guest on your next podcast or webinar, please feel free to contact by email to setup a discussion.

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